Visit the annual Wellness Fair for a holistic approach to wellness

Eva Mihelich, News editor

College students and wellness are two things that usually do not seem to go together. Students are moving nonstop with classes, clubs, extracurricular activities, study sessions and many other things. It can be difficult to simply relax sometimes, especially with an endless number of deadlines and commitments.

However, wellness should be greatly emphasized for college students.

They are at a crucial stage of development where they are learning to live on their own and to manage their own lives and values.

Without an emphasis on wellness, they are at high risk for burnout in academics and their own personal lives.

Wellness is a broad term that is sometimes misinterpreted as simply physical wellness, which, although important, is not the only part that makes up wellness.

Taking care of your body by exercising and eating healthy (for the most part) is highly important, but Mercyhurst wants to focus on holistic wellness for its students.

Holistic wellness is a specific approach to wellness that addresses the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of health.

The rationale behind holistic wellness is that when one aspect of your health is neglected, every other aspect is affected. Because of this, one should attempt to focus on each aspect and take care of oneself to avoid an overall decline in health.

Mercyhurst’s wellness fair will occur on Wednesday, March 15, from 2 to 5 p.m. in the Rec Center’s green gym.

There will be a wide variety of tables set up by student clubs, faculty and staff. Each table fo- cuses on a specific aspect of wellness.

For instance, one table that will be set up is organized by Campus Ministry. This table is titled ‘Prayer Labyrinth.’ This will have a variety of prayers to choose from which focus on the spiritual side to your health.

Another table that will be presented is titled ‘Healthy Foods and Smoothie Bike’ which is hosted by Parkhurst and Campus Involvement, which will introduce students to a variety of nutritious options to sustain their physical health.

The mental aspect to health will be represented by the ‘Pawsitively Calming’ table hosted by EARS, or Erie Area Rabbit Society and Rescue.

Rabbits will be available at this table to pet since spending time with animals has been proven to decrease stress in people and improve overall mental wellness.

The emotional part of wellness will be provided at a table called ‘Get Your Shine On Jars’ hosted by Academic Support.

The overall activity provides the social aspect of wellness. By attending, you will be getting out of your dorm or apartment and meeting new people. Consider going to the Wellness Fair with a few friends and making an effort to take care of yourself.

Social wellness can be as simple as striking up a small conversation with a worker in the dining hall, or the janitor in the bathroom. It is not healthy to isolate yourself constantly, so try to take care of your social wellness, which is sometimes overlooked.

Keep in mind that attending this event will not improve your holistic wellness if you do not upkeep the practices that you explore at the different tables.

Practice consistency in your habits and see how your overall well-being improves!

Taking little steps such as going on daily walks, meditating or journaling will add up and make you into a healthier individual.

Holistic wellness may seem unattainable or unrealistic, but these small steps can help you start your wellness journey!