Ready to spring into good vibes and warm weather!

Mackenzie Zent, Opinion editor

I have a theory that the best times in college happen when it is warm out.

As the semester begins its second half, I find myself constantly awaiting the warm weather.

Living in Erie, it sometimes feels like winter is never ending- just when the snow melts and we get the first day of temperatures in the 50’s, I wake up the next morning and there is snow on the ground once more.

This starts the cycle of what many call ‘dreary Erie’ because now everything is cold, gray, and windy as we watch the snow become dirty and melt into slush.

When I think about the second half of the spring semester, I always look forward to the first warm day of the year.

When it happens, I can tell other people have been waiting for it too because it will only be 70 degrees, yet people are outside in shorts and tank tops. I love this though, I like how everyone comes outside and just hangs out, the vibes are so good, it is like everyone’s mood is elevated for the first time in months.

The first warm spring day during my freshman year I walked out of my dorm room and saw so many people on blankets sitting around the fountain outside of Baldwin, and I remember thinking that I had never seen that many people on this campus before.

Every time the weather gets warm, I am always more motivated to study and get my work done because it is something I can do outside by myself or with my friends.

One of my favorite and easiest things to do is taking walks around and off campus.

It is such a fun way to enjoy

the warm weather and connect with other people. I love walking around campus and exploring the neighborhoods surrounding it while hanging out with my friends or listening to music.

There is so much more you can do when it is warm out too. There are a lot of places to hike around Erie and Presque Isle is always a fun spot to go hangout.

Personally, I love driving around Presque Isle when it is cold but being outside and the feeling of the sun on you while walking around the paths or looking at

the water is unmatched.
I also love roller skating, so I am really excited to be able to do that outside again in a few weeks too.

Mercyhurst usually has some really fun events planned for when the weather gets warm. MAC/SAC usually plans fun outdoor activities like tie-dye and other things like that, and of course there is SpringFest to look forward to.

Although SpringFest is inside this year, we can still spend time outside during the day because of

all the festivities that they have for it earlier in the day.

This is also the time that professors will occasionally have class outside, which is always so fun.

It is a nice change of scenery compared to the boring classrooms we have been in all year.

Even though most of the academic year is spent brushing off cars and walking through snow, soon we will be able to put on shorts and celebrate the warm weather outside!