Spring is blooming and so are my easter traditions

Megan McKay, Staff writer

Holidays are not taken lightly in my family which means any chance there is to decorate, our house is done to the nines. The one to thank is my mother who, despite having a million things to do, always finds time to put up the holiday knick knacks.

Spring time of year also means that pastels are flourishing all throughout the house with peeps, bunnies, and eggs galore. I must admit it seems over the top but I love it deep down. There is nothing like coming home from college and feeling immersed in the spring season.

But, the festivities do not end there. In our family every year we are always searching for new traditions. Certain years we may either be at home, or celebrating the day with relatives and with our grandparents out of town. But like any year, busier than ever, we stayed home and spent quality time together.

While at home we can count on the celebratory Sunday mass at our local church. For Christians, Easter mass is a special day to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. It is a joyful holiday and also a special season for all who love the warm weather.

Once mass has ended we follow the morning with a big breakfast at home with cinnamon rolls, croissants, orange juice, fruits and waffles. The best tradition of all is the activities we do as a family, just the six of us. After that we take some time to watch the Masters Golf Tournament which happens to fall around Easter time every year.

Our family also loves to get outside and enjoy the spring weather, whether it is playing a round of golf, or even pickleball. Playing board games like Monopoly or just laughing over home videos also make for some enjoyable traditions. We always find a way to cherish the time we have.

Another traditional Easter symbol that finds its way out every year are four little baskets my siblings and I used to collect Easter eggs with when we were younger. We differentiate each basket by our favorite colors.

Every year we could expect our mom to hide the baskets, and when we would start our hunt for eggs, we first had to find our baskets which were filled to the brim with Easter candy.

The famous Easter egg hunts through the house and on the golf course have always been a core Easter memory. It never mattered what was inside the Egg even if at the time we all made it seem like we cared about the number of treats or finding the coveted large golden egg which held a large sum of money.

Now today, despite outgrowing the egg hunt I will always remember the thrill of running around in search for those eggs. Whether it is decorating Easter eggs, having festive family meals, or attending church services, Easter is another special holiday.

Even though it is a religious holiday it can be celebrated by anyone who enjoys spending time with family and enjoying fun festivities in warm Spring weather.