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    hbeck52Mar 21, 2012 at 9:49 am

    I myself question organics, but not with this reasoning. I picture organic as a better way and locally organic as the best. Nothing can beat eating a tomato right off the vine when the sugars had a chance to develop naturally. THAT right there is the feeling someone should have when eating healthy and organic food. I question the organic practices because they are so far away from me and I have no data or statistics to prove that these people who are organic farmers are not just seizing the opportunity to gain some extra capital. I want to know the facts from these far away organic farms and learn to trust in what they are doing. There is where I question organics and I feel everyone should. At least these farmers are more trustworthy than those who are armed and ready with pesticides, spraying so they can sell another batch of green tomatoes.

    Do not get me wrong, I do understand that you are questioning the validity of organic food, but do keep in mind that the agricultural practices used today are not just. Pesticides are not something that hurts the body right away, it causes noncommunicable diseases such as an increased risk for Parkinson’s disease, slower brain growth and development in children when passed from the mother to the fetus and a detrimental resistance on the toxic effects of pesticides. The fruited plant may not be effected by pesticides, but think of what is going into our soil. Think of what is being transferred from our soil into streams and lakes where fish are in-taking these harmful chemicals. When I read this article I did even more research on the Global Health Center to find that, “Seven of the most toxic chemical compounds known to man are approved for use as pesticides in the production of foods.” Do you feel safe now? Do you completely trust the food that is being passed around america and not spoiling? I question the validity of this article and am very disappointed in the lack of representation of the other side of the mass agricultural story.

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