Chippers Tavern: An all-American hole in the wall

If you drive through the intersection of East Grandview Boulevard and Pine Avenue, you will see what appears to be an abandoned building: a small gray, concrete square with a single, windowless door.

Depending on the day of the week and the time of day, you may even see a car or two in the desolate parking lot.
Chipper’s Tavern is what some would call a country bar, but hole in the wall may be more appropriate.

The only marking on the building is an aged white banner reading “Cold Beer, Hot Wings, Labatt Blue on draft.”

As a Buffalo native, I appreciate a hot chicken wing. As a college student, I can appreciate the value of a cold beer.
Chipper’s Tavern has the greatest wings I have ever tasted.

With more than 65 flavors of wings, there is very little chance that you won’t be able to find a flavor that entices you. And there’s plenty of beer at a reasonable price to go with it.

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From sweat-educing, yet tasty Bad Attitude to sweet and tangy Sunny Delight, the options for an incredible chicken wing meal seem endless.

Chipper’s Tavern is a modest drinking spot with no loud music blaring or people yelling. It is one of those select bars where you can actually have a conversation with others and enjoy a drink and a meal together.

Michael Fiscus and his girlfriend Vanessa McGraw, who often eat at Chipper’s Tavern, were spending quite some time deciding on the wing flavor they each wanted.

Fiscus said, “Well, it’s funny. We always spend a ton of time trying to decide what kind we want, but we always end up going with ‘Go Nuts’ or ‘Pio’s Poison.’ They’re awesome.”

Although there are only a dozen tables and a small bar that seats about 10, you will always find a comfortable spot to enjoy great wings and cheap beer.

The décor inside Chipper’s Tavern is full of personality and style.

Rather than being adorned with bright neon beer signs and cheesy advertisements of overpriced specials, Chipper’s hangs pictures of loyal customer’s trophy bucks from the past hunting season and classic, original pieces of beer advertisements that you don’t see anywhere else nowadays.

You won’t find a bar like Chipper’s anywhere else in Erie, especially being a city cluttered with over-the-top dance clubs and jam-packed theme bars.

It is the perfect example of the family owned, diamond in the rough establishment that only those curious enough to venture into get to truly appreciate.