Student questions effectiveness of MSG representation

Spring term’s last final weeks are upon us, and we are all excited about it, aren’t we? I would say that the majority of students have been increasing their daily dose of smiles, even with disappointing spring weather.

The student community was recently asked to vote for our representatives for Mercyhurst Student Government (MSG), a vote that many took seriously as representation of student opinion is something that we are all concerned about.

But are we knowledgeable of what these senators even do? Do students even know who is representing them?

We understand that they try to get to get student opinion considered when decisions are made — even if most students don’t even know about the student government or how to get in touch with them.

But when was the last time a MSG meeting was attended by a crowd of students proud to see a student conducted project come to life?

Perhaps the pool that was promised by certain MSG presidential campaigns was a little too ambitious, seeing as students come to Mercyhurst knowing that there is no pool and that the maintenance of such infrastructure would require tuition to skyrocket.

A little more transparency between students and their senators could be a reality. Maybe then projects could be brought forth that students care about.

Also what are the benefits that come along with being a representative whose name only appears on campus during campaign season? We would expect for someone holding a position with so little transparency and effectiveness to be helped with an appropriate amount of financial aid, which would match the one of other work study or ambassadors perhaps. As it appears to not be the case, we can only wonder what the actual benefits are.

I feel that student government officials, especially the executive board, are grossly overpaid for the quality of representation that students experience.

I feel like the people who vote for their representative at least deserve to know more about the organization and what they are doing for so little effectiveness.