RNC nomination process unsatisfactory

In 2008 at the Democratic National Convention many state delegates planned to unite behind President Obama before the roll call of the delegates’ votes were cast.During the actual roll call the Democratic Party came together when California passed with its 441 votes of leverage, Illinois passed, New Mexico yielding back to Illinois and then yielding to New York and history was made as Hillary Clinton entered onto the floor and rallied the convention behind their leader President Obama. The Democrats had their “eyes set firmly on the future, in unity, a goal of victory, faith in party and country” Clinton said, as the Convention passed an Acclamation to nominate its leader. The rest is history.

Unfortunately, Republicans have not fostered a spirit of unity but rather have encouraged disrespect, corruption, violation of their own rules and violating people’s hard work and rights.Before the roll call of votes, two rules were put to a vote, fixing future delegate outcomes at conventions by binding delegates to state caucus and primary results, stripping away hard-working delegates such as those of Ron Paul’s who were present at the Convention.The other rule changed the number of states needed to place a name in nomination for president from only five to eight states. The teleprompter for Chair John Boehner (House majority leader) already had the results scripted on it as the delegates voted from the floor for the rules change.

The ayes have it, was on the teleprompter before the vote was taken. Is that democratic or something else? I’ll let you decide.

Minutes before the roll call of the states’ votes, the delegations of the states of Nevada, Minnesota, Iowa, Alaska, Oregon and the Virgin Islands submitted a petition to nominate Congressman Ron Paul. The Convention Committee even replaced 10 of Maine’s delegates on Tuesday with the establishment alternates to represent the state of Maine.

The media outlets present jumped all over this as the 10 Maine delegates left the floor wearing clothespins with lobsters on their noses because it “started to stink inside” one of them stated, of the 10, seven of them were veterans of our military. Maine’s governor Paul LePage was an at large delegate for Maine and he boycotted the Convention because of the RNC controlling which delegates would be seated.

It seemed that Romney may have dreaded something like this to occur, but it was only a matter of time given everything that Paul supporters worked for up to the convention and to be dismissed and disrespected in such a way.

Many fellow delegates not there to support Ron Paul for nomination noticed the actions at the RNC and supported their claims of the Paul delegates being treated unfairly and the rules that would drastically control who will be seated as a delegate by a select few for future conventions, instead of the delegates duly elected from their states.

The Libertarian wing of the GOP is a problem for the Republicans, but did they act accordingly to let them in and be heard? Ron Paul would have been given a 15 speech slot if his name was put into nomination, which the establishment did not want so they altered the rules.

They even offered him a slot to speak weeks ago, under two conditions that he deliver remarks vetted by the Romney campaign, and that he give a full-fledged endorsement of Mr. Romney. He declined. Convention officials even confiscated a Rhode Island delegate’s personal Ron Paul sign as his state cast their votes, but the Convention gladly handed out many Romney signs to delegates.

The highlight moment for the Paul delegates during the roll call of votes came when Nevada cast its votes. Nevada openly let everyone know on that floor that six states placed Ron Paul into nomination and casted its votes, 17 to Ron Paul, five abstained, and five for Romney.

A Paul sign was right overtop the Nevada delegation and I’m sure they would not attempt to confiscate it with a tough looking young man with an oath keeper hat and shirt keeping guard for the delegation.

Paul earned at least one vote from 26 states, a majority in Minnesota, Nevada and Iowa. Leading up to the convention, many state delegates were replaced and sued the RNC to be reinstated as they were duly elected as delegates from their states.

This was most evident in Massachusetts, Maine, Alaska, Louisiana, Colorado, Washington, Virginia and Nevada leading up to the convention. So, what does the establishment party do, they don’t even recognize when a candidate’s name is voted by a delegate as the votes were presented at roll call, only giving the tally for Mr. Romney. It’s as if they did not even cast a vote, ignored by the establishment.

During Pennsylvania’s time to cast votes, Gov. Tom Corbett slipped and cast 67 votes for Romney and five for “Paul a Ryan.” Romney reached the 1,144 needed to win the nomination when New Jersey put him over the top. Ron Paul left Tampa shortly after on a private jet and was hassled by the TSA before taking off the ground for his home in Texas.

The Libertarians in the Republican Party are very much a factor in the coming election this November; they have grown much since 2008, as was present at the RNC.

Was Sarah Palin right when she warned not to ignore the Paul people? I believe so, and the Republicans have slipped on an opportunity to possibly beat Obama come November.

The Democrats are united and the Republicans have created a struggle they could have avoided by simply following their own rules and go through the process of the nomination and letting those who worked hard to be delegate be represented on the floor of the convention. Still, who needs rules when you have a majority of these types of Republicans?

The Libertarian voters in the GOP do not have a set course, but they will possibly decide the outcome in November. The Libertarian nominee for President Gary Johnson is on almost every ballot in the nation. Libertarians will be searching for a torch carrier come 2016, Ron Paul has jokingly said he is getting ready. Libertarians have the momentum in the future to have a louder voice in politics given the trend in Washington’s Capitol Hill and the Republican establishment’s current distaste for them.

The future of the liberty movement was set during the first part of the tribute given to Ron Paul at the GOP Convention on its thirrd night with the voice at the beginning of the video:

“It’s the American story, charting your own path, forging new ways forward, not because it’s the easy way, but because it’s the right way, and for those with dedication, character, faith and conviction sometimes that lonely path, paves the way forward for millions.”

That is what liberty and Ron’s dedication is about, but delegates for Ron Paul were not satisfied and exited the convention chanting, “As Maine goes, so does the nation!”

The video left out the main points of the liberty movement and many were outraged the leader of liberty and the Constitution was portrayed in such a dismissive way at the Convention.

Ron Paul received more campaign donations from the military than all other presidential candidates combined during the 2012 race for president and has been trending more online than all other presidential candidates within the last year. He will be retiring from politics at the age of 77 after his term in Congress expires with 22 years of service.

Since 1948, the Republican Party has nominated its presidential nominee on its first roll call of votes.