MacBride experienced amazing internship

We’ve all heard the phrase “everyone wants to be in pictures.” Luckily, for one Mercyhurst University student, that phrase became a reality.

Junior Communication major Caitlin MacBride had a unique internship over the past summer working behind-the-scenes with Ohio movie producer Tyler Davidson.

MacBride first gained an interest in film and producing at a young age. She had always enjoyed editing, starting with her 8th grade graduation picture slideshow.

MacBride has also made home movies in the past. However, this was not always her choice of career. During her freshman and sophomore years of high school, MacBride had wanted to become a pastry chef and even looked into some culinary schools. Her junior year, she went on vacation with her family and went on tour of a Hollywood studio. While on tour MacBride’s mom told her, “You could work here!” MacBride thought so too, and is now looking to have a career in the film industry.

So, how did MacBride get a chance to do this unique internship? Her mom went to go see Davidson’s film “Take Shelter” when it first came out. After seeing the film, she searched for Davidson online, found his email address and passed it on to her daughter. MacBride then sent Davidson an email, and met with him in March.

MacBride mostly worked in a production office during her internship. When she wasn’t in the production office, she was busy working on the set of “Toy’s House,” a comedy film that will be shown in film festivals later this year. MacBride did a lot of sitting, driving, furnishing apartments for cast and crew and bringing random parts to the set everyday. She worked six days a week for 12-16 hours everyday during this internship.

MacBride’s favorite part of her internship was being on the set and picking up cast and crewmembers. On the other hand, her least favorite part was the amount of time she had to work, which amounted to over 600 hours.

MacBride said, “There was even a day that I had to bring breakfast to set at 3:30 in the morning.”

MacBride hopes to move to Los Angeles and find a job there in the future. She is also considering taking film classes in the future.

MacBride gave some advice for Mercyhurst students interested in film.

“Mercyhurst doesn’t offer a lot of film stuff. People who want to do that are kind of stuck. However, even with this limitation, you can still find opportunities. It’s all about putting yourself out there and making the right connections,” MacBride said.