Poor advertising sends bad message

I was reading some of the posts on CollegeCandy.com when I came across a post that I found incredibly offensive.

The post went as follows: “If you’ve ever had an issue finding the perfect guy-friendly gift, G Spirits, a German spirit label, has developed the ultimate solution.

After pouring the drink over a sexy playmate’s chest, and then packaged along with photos for sale to some lucky individuals, the product is bottled.
Booze. Boobs. I’m pretty sure this is the manliest, most macho concept possible (unless it included bacon).

This is a legitimate company, which claims to “recognize a special type of woman” with their liquors, but the provocative question in the back of my mind is “What are they thinking?”

Why in the world does the concept of booze dripped over a woman’s lady-parts sound appealing? I know that I don’t have any desire to drink booze that has been drizzled over a guy’s parts…seriously it just sounds pathetic and incredibly unappealing.

But what about the concept of objectifying women…in booze form? Why do men constantly feel the need to undermine women and treat us like we’re some piece of property or something to claim?

In this objectification, women are depicted as the whole or a part of an inanimate object, the sweet burn of alcohol that will make them ‘so incredibly manly.’

We all can relate to a guy not taking us seriously for some reason or another. Men are going to ogle as though we, women, are blind as bats.

The source of this ogling comes from decades, centuries, hell, all of history, of men who have ruled society through patriarchal eyes. Their eyes are all seeing and all knowing, apparently.

Men seem to think they have it right. However, they do not. They are missing the teeny-weey (pun intended, guys) point where women are equals.

We aren’t just some excuse for you to dump your alcohol over and increase the price because you can.

And to the ladies, “play-mates” as they were referred to, what in the world made you think that this was a good idea? Have a little self-respect and a) keep your alcohol off your body b) don’t let guys bottle said alcohol after it has been on your body, and c) use your brain.

I honestly believe that just because there is an incredibly low percentage of women that feel the need to rip their clothes off and take pictures, or be barely clothed and take pictures, that the entire gender loses respect because of crap like this.

We live in a world where women can be whatever they want to be, well for the most part, when cultural standards permit it.

Stop objectifying yourself, and letting others objectify you.

Women are not “alcohol filters,” nor do we want men to act in the same rule. It’s not cute, it’s not sexy.

All I can think of are the germs that go into that bottle, sit there, and are consumed by another. It’s dirty. It’s gross.

Moral of the story: Just keep your clothes on and forget about this fad.

Go do something with your life that doesn’t involve spreading bacteria across bars everywhere.