Low voter turnout inexcusable

With the looming presidential election soon upon us, our campus is awash with fliers urging everyone to vote.

We are encouraged to vote because it is our “civic duty.”

Normally I ignore such things; however, as I walked by, the last part of the flier caught my eye.

Apparently those who discourage voting are “guilty of a crime against democracy.”

I found this concept quite interesting.

Excusing the lack of a trial in rendering this guilty verdict, as someone who discourages voting I am quite proud of such a label.

Now I am well aware this is considered such an odd position in today’s society where democracy is considered the best thing since sliced bread.

However, if one looks at democracy with a critical eye, democracy is revealed for the ridiculous and idiotic concept it is.

Democracy is supposed to be the rule by the majority.

This is untrue.

To say that any elected official is chosen by the people through majority rule is blatantly dishonest.

If someone is elected, all it means is that a majority of the voting populace has chosen someone, not the majority of the people subject to the government’s harsh criminal rule.

In America this is especially true. The highest voter turnouts occur for the presidential elections and even then less than one half of eligible voters participate.

If we were to exclude everyone not eligible to vote (roughly one-third of the population) we would still be left with only half the population voting.

And even then if we were to look at the presidential race, every year each candidate gets about half the votes and wins by a small margin.

What this says is that democracy is not ruled by majority. It is merely rule by the majority of voters. Each President is chosen by roughly one-sixth of the population.

Because of this, we have many people running around with ridiculous get-out-the-vote efforts in order to propel the politically ignorant masses to participate in democracy in order to give the appearance of legitimacy to this fraud.

It is no surprise that proponents of democracy are eager to increase voter turnout.

If voter turnout rates decline more and more, our society will inevitably reach the point where democracy is exposed as the farce it is.

With about 50 percent voter turnout, the proponents of democracy can still claim with a straight face that elected officials represent the will of all the people.

But eventually they won’t be able to make such a claim without it being completely laughable.

When would proponents of democracy be willing to admit that elected officials do not possess enough support of the people? When turnout reaches 30 percent? Perhaps 25 percent?

Seeing the religious devotion so many people cling to democracy with, I suspect that even if there was only 10 percent voter turnout they would still claim it as legitimate.

But even if we were to completely ignore the problem of participation in democracy we are still left with several large problems.

The first problem can be summed up in a quote from Winston Churchill, “The best argument against democracy is a 5-minute conversation with the average voter.”

We live in a world where the so-called experts cannot agree on what the best course of action is.

To remedy this problem, democracy simply says we should ask everyone to give their input and whatever idea has the most support is what should be done.

This seems simply comical.

Can anyone contest the vast ignorance in politics of the great mass of people?

I mean if 26 percent of Americans don’t even know that the Revolutionary War was fought against Great Britain, how in the world can we think that the common everyday person should be getting to decide things that affect the lives of other people.

H.L. Mencken once said, “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.”
What a true statement.

People say we need government (government being democracy) because people don’t know what is best for themselves and need direction and structure.

So how will we remedy this?

We will get the said people who are ignorant (hence the need for government) and get them to collectively decide how things should be. So individually people are ignorant but collectively smart? What nonsense.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t think I am qualified to run other people’s lives.

I have enough of my own problems and flaws and I certainly don’t have the audacity to insist that I should have any say in using coercive force to dictate unto others through democracy and government how they should live their lives.

When I vote I vote to leave people alone and dismantle and ultimately destroy democracy and government altogether.

Before you step into the voting booth this November, ask yourself if you are running your life so perfectly that you are qualified to run other people’s lives through the government.Rather than calling it a crime to discourage others to vote, realize that democracy itself is a crime.

Don’t vote for evil. Don’t vote to control other people’s lives. Don’t vote.