Food stamps vitally important

A Twitter user tweeted me her opinion that ‘nutrition is not the responsibility of the government.’ This comment caused me to reflect on the families and children in my community who benefit from SNAP assistance and deserve deeper consideration.”

However, some individuals are questioning whether or not this is actually raising awareness for the cause or whether it is simply a challenge that Booker is taking to prove a point.

“It’s not meant to be your only calorie intake source,” said CNN’s Christine Romans. “’Supplemental’ is the key. The government designs it so this is on top of what little money you might have, food pantries, soup kitchens.”

Though there is validity in Romans’ statement, I think that attention, whether good or bad, is raising awareness for the cause.

Where my opinion differs is that what Booker and others are doing with these food stamps challenges is trying to have the supplemental program provide all of their nutritional needs, something the program was never designed to do, nor should it.

By participating in these challenges, public figures are glorifying those who rely on an assistance program funded by our tax dollars.

While receiving food stamps was once disgraceful and uncomfortable, participants now receive “EBT” cards which are more discreet than actual food stamps. What Booker and other activists should be applauding is not those who live on food stamps, but instead those who work their way off of them.

I believe that taking the challenge does actually help to put into perspective how millions of Americans are living their lives … but are they doing it the right way?

In either sense, following Cory Booker’s #SnapChallenge tweets makes me vicariously appreciate his efforts, as well as providing me with entertainment when procrastinating on assignments.