Fiscal cliff provides challenge for Republicans

Once again the Republican Establishment has shown its true colors and is preparing to abandon principles for power.

Despite the past year and a half of apocalyptic campaign rhetoric loudly crying how the country will be destroyed if Obama is reelected it seems clear that the vast majority of Republican politicians believed no such thing since they are preparing to capitulate to the president’s demands for higher taxes on the wealthy.

As someone who left the Republican party over its selection of Mitt Romney I cannot help but say “I told you so” to my Republican friends who assured me that the Republicans would be sure to fight for the things I believe in, and even if they did not hold all of my beliefs I could at least be sure that they would fight for some of them.

I did not believe them and it is clear my skepticism was justified. Here we are not even two months after the election and already the Republican Establishment is herding the rank and file members into voting for a tax increase on higher incomes; something all throughout the 2012 campaigning season they swore up and down they would not do.

It has become clear that the Republican Establishment does not care one bit about ideology; it’s only concern is maintaining power. Those Republicans who had the courage and strength of conviction to stand up to the Establishment such as Representative Justin Amash of Michigan quickly found themselves booted from their committee assignments.

If the Republicans are not going to at least be the party you can count on to cut or at least not raise taxes what are they even there for?

Once again we see the Republican Establishment’s top down approach of ruling with an iron fist that was seen at the Republican National Convention earlier this year. Those who disagreed with the establishment were simply run over and ignored in the implementation of the Establishments agenda.

The Republican Party is now at a crossroad.

The party’s insistence on forcing their moral values the rest of the country through their social conservative agenda is driving away much of the youth.

Not only is social conservatism hugely unpopular with the youth but also the Republican Party’s blatant inability to stand on principle is repelling those youths who do hold many of the same fiscally conservative positions loudly espoused by Republicans during election season but all too quickly abandoned once they are in office.

If the Republican Establishment succeeds in subduing and driving away the libertarian elements of the Party the Republican Party’s fate is sealed. Just from attrition alone the Republican Party will eventually fall from the level of power it currently has. Being unable to bring in fresh youth to replenish the ranks will prove the Republican Party’s undoing.

There is still some small hope that the libertarian wing of the party will be able to emerge and take the lead within the party but that is unlikely. Even if this unlikely event were to occur the party would constantly be hounded by infighting between the social conservatives and the libertarians.

Unless the Republicans are able to nominate a candidate for 2016 who will be able to satisfy the youths demand for someone who is principled and who will not try and impose religious moral values on the entire country they are almost certainly destined to lose once again.

Because of new Party rules that were railroaded through at the convention which give the Establishment even more power than before I am highly skeptical that this will happen.

Whatever the future holds one thing is quite clear. Either the everyday Republicans must depose the corrupt and spineless leadership that currently runs the party or sit back and watch as the Republican Party is consigned to the dustbin of history and loses all relevance.