Student defends radio station

I found Stacy Skiavo’s Op-Ed about 88.5 Jazz FM to be surprisingly close-minded for someone who claims to be “pretty accepting of most genres.”

As a music major, I think people should be exposed to a wide variety of styles of music.

I imagine if you turn on the radio, you would probably find a 5:1 ratio of pop music to jazz music.

As a result, I am certainly glad that the University sponsors a station that aims to introduce the public to jazz, and to provide a service to those of us who enjoy jazz.

The author says that “I have never had the desire to listen to 88.5 Jazz FM, nor do I know anyone else that has either.”

Well, in the same manner, all of my friends enjoy jazz, and I have never known anyone to be opposed to having a jazz station on campus.

If the author does not enjoy jazz, she can tune in to countless other stations.

Those of us who enjoy jazz don’t always have that option.

In closing, I believe that there is a place for all different kinds of music in everyone’s life.

So don’t advocate taking away a cultural treasure from those of us who enjoy diversity simply because you won’t change the dial to the nearest non-jazz station.