‘Hurst Idol’ to feature Laker talent on campus

Contributed photo: The official logo for the event.Contributed photo: The official logo for the event.

“American Idol” is a long-running, popular, entertainment television show that is now coming to students, Mercyhurst-style. “’Hurst Idol” is coming Friday, April 5, and the student body has the chance to assist in deciding a winner.

Students on campus had the opportunity to submit a video recording of their singing talents for a chance to win some great prizes, including a semester’s worth of books from the bookstore next year.

The Student Activities Council (SAC) took in around 40 submissions, and from those submissions, the top 15 performances are chosen and featured on its Facebook page.

From there, the student body will be voting for the 10 singers that they would like to see perform live on the Performing Arts Center (PAC) stage, next month.

“We are very excited about the event, and we have had a lot of interest,” event co-programmer Michelle Farley said.

As of now, the planned campus-wide voting for the top 15 is uncertain, but students are encouraged to stay alert for how they can help in the process by “liking” the Student Activities Council Facebook page.

Not only is the SAC running this event, but also the fashion merchandising department is getting involved by supplying hair styling and make-up design for the live performers.

The audience also has the chance to win prizes by attending the event. SAC is currently reviewing submissions and is in the process of ordering t-shirts.

“At the event, we will be having a text-voting system to truly resemble the American Idol atmosphere, and to get the audience involved in the show,” said Farley. “We are extremely hopeful that ’Hurst Idol is going to be a huge hit, and that it becomes an annual showcase of talent to be displayed on campus.”

Farley encourage students to email SAC with questions or visit them in their office located on the lower level of the Carolyn Herrmann Student Union.

“We invite students to come talk to us since we are YOUR weekend,” Farley and Gass said.

“’Hurst Idol” will be Friday, April 5, at 8 p.m. in the PAC and is free for all.

For more information, stop by the SAC office, email SAC@mercyhurst.edu, or check out its Facebook page for continuous, upcoming details.