Senior reminisces about campus restrooms

I never really put much thought into the quality of the restrooms on campus until recently when I was using the restroom on the bottom floor of the Student Union. It was the first time I have ever used that restroom.

I was surprised that in my four years attending Mercyhurst there was a public restroom I had never used. So recently I made it my mission to make sure I used every single public restroom on campus before graduation. I’ve managed to achieve my goal successfully.

Here are my observations:

If you like privacy there are a few single person bathrooms on campus. There is one on your right when coming into Old Main through the entrance closest to the chapel. That one is nice but it’s pretty close to a high traffic area and not very well ventilated, which can be a problem. The single person restroom down the hall from the mailroom suffers the same faults.

As you go into the Mercy Heritage Room, there is a nice, single-person bathroom that is always clean, but not fantastic if you want to take your time though because there is usually someone waiting for you to finish.

The library is home to a wide variety of restrooms, including some hidden gems.

An anonymous source has informed me that the handicapped restroom on the main floor of the library is very nice for privacy, although if you are not handicapped you might suffer some twinges of guilt if you choose to use it.

Another single-person restroom is located above Taylor Little Theatre and way in the corner of the Walker Reading Room. This one is pretty hidden, so it’s good for privacy. And I’m told it’s very warm in the winter, which is a nice perk. The fourth floor of the library has a nice clean bathroom that people rarely go into as well.

The fanciest restrooms on campus are usually in the places the public is likely to go, like the ones near the Mary D’Angelo Performing Arts Center. These restrooms are nice, and usually deserted. All of the restrooms in the new Center of Academic Engagement are fantastic as well.

Most of the public restrooms on campus are pretty nice and usually clean. If I had to name a worst restroom on campus however, I would have to say the one on the main floor of the library. It’s kind of rundown and often smells of excrement.

I hope this was helpful, and if I neglected to mention your favorite restroom, I’m sorry, there are just so many great places on campus to get relief when nature calls.

*The author of this article is a male, and therefore does not know anything about female restrooms; however, he assumes the women’s rooms are in a condition comparable to the men’s.