New water system rocks

If you haven’t heard about Evive yet, you’ve been missing out. Over the summer, Mercyhurst installed a new water distributing system on the second floor of Old Main, located near Preston. I heard about this new concept from a few friends who had been on campus over the summer, who all received free Evive water bottles.

The bottles are $15 and are available in the Mercyhurst Bookstore, across from the Starbucks bar. Although you may think that $15 is too much for a water bottle, you’ll certainly make your money back after a few times of filling the water bottle for free at the station. After you buy the bottle, you go to and set up your bottle from there, using a personalized code and choosing your own pin number. The website will give you another number to verify your bottle at the Evive Station.

Once at the station, touch your bottle to the machine, and it’ll automatically detect the chip in the bottom of the bottle. Verify your pin number, and you’re ready to start enjoying free, purified water. The water from the Evive Station is chilled perfectly. This UV filtered, perfectly chilled water goes directly from the machine to your water bottle.

But wait, there’s more. This station not only provides healthy drinking water, but it also will clean and sanitize your water bottle for free. Enter your pin number and a hydraulic-controlled door will open on the front of the machine, revealing a compartment that will clean and refill your bottle in the same process. Not only is the Evive machine awesome to use, but you’ll also be doing a little more to help the Earth’s ecosystem by reducing your plastic consumption.