New step for Walker School of Business

Salina Bowe photo: Dr. Rajeev Parikh is the newly appointed Dean of the Walker School of Business and Communication.Salina Bowe photo: Dr. Rajeev Parikh is the newly appointed Dean of the Walker School of Business and Communication.

As of August, The Walker School of Business and Communication has been under the management of Rajeev Parikh, Ph. D.

Born in India and raised in Buffalo, N.Y., Parikh has a vision of expanding his new departments and “increasing reputations for excellence.”

Parikh received his Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering and his Ph.D. in Accounting and Finance at the State University of New York. He also holds the titles of C.M.A. (Certified Management Accountant) and C.F.M. (Certified Management Accountant).

As dean, Parikh’s job will be to oversee departments such as Communication, Fashion Merchandizing, Hospitality Management, and, of course, Business.

When asked to name the most challenging aspects of his job so far, Parikh said “increasing enrollment” and continuing to build “the identity of the school.”

But regarding these challenges, Parikh says that he is confident that “we can overcome them.”

Regarding what he likes most about Mercyhurst University and his new position as dean so far, Parikh did not hesitate when he answered “the value-based education” that Mercyhurst upholds, noting that he has worked in a Catholic educational environment before (St. Bonaventure University) and has found that such an education sets these Catholic schools apart from others.

He also credits the “dedication of [his] colleagues, who care so much about their students” as a factor that drew him to Mercyhurst University.

Parikh went on to speak about one of his most exciting goals as the new dean, which is providing the business department with its own separate building in the future. He refers to it as the as department’s “signature building.”

“It is a dream of ours,” Parikh said.

While he is focused about improving and growing his department in the future, the new dean is adamant that “of course, the students come first.”

“Without the students, “we are nothing,” Parikh said.

If you would like to know more about Rajeev Parikh, or about the Walker School of Business and Communication in general, you can contact him at