Typhoon generates compassion

They just sent more body bags to the Philippines. Can you imagine being in a situation where so many people, whether young or elderly, male or female, have died that you lack enough bags to hold them?

That’s the hell that the people of Tacloban and other cities in the Philippines have endured since the storm made landfall a week ago. There are thousands dead and over 3 million people displaced. And it doesn’t matter whether you were relatively undamaged by the storm, there is no way you remain unaffected.The thing that is emerging most from this scenario that is “worse than hell” is an appreciation for the community organizations throughout the cities, such as churches.

For all those who have called the Church “evil” or “a waste of time”, please take a look at the Philippines. The priests and members of these Catholic Churches have been the relief organization on the ground to those victims who have come looking for help. They have dispersed food, shelter, and spiritual help to the displaced and the lost. They don’t have much, but they’re doing what they can.

There are multiple stories of priests finding bodies on the side of the road and, after saying a Mass for the dead, have organized efforts to give the deceased dignity and respect in death. In all things, they show mercy to those who need it.The situation in the Philippines will not end anytime soon and the people whose lives have been destroyed will continue to require help. Campus Ministry is currently accepting donations of money to send to relief organizations. Please contact them to discuss how you can help. In addition, the thing that is needed more than money is action.

I ask anyone who is interested in trying to address the issues that have arisen in the Philippines to contact The Merciad in order to get your message out there. The only thing that can help those who have not is a concerted effort from those who do have.
If Mercyhurst is actually a school that values service to the community, let’s prove it. We acknowledge that our community is not just those outside of our door, but those on the other side of the world. How about we live up to those words, or stop saying them altogether?