Maintenance crew works hard to keep parking lots clean

So, we’ve all entered the phase of winter where our vehicles, our doors, and in some poor cases our windows are covered in inches of cold, frozen snow.
I hear constantly how people have to shovel themselves out of their parking spots and scrape ice from their cars.

The experience that I enjoy most, while admittedly realizing how twisted it sounds that I slightly enjoy other people’s pain, is when they seem surprised by all the snow. I hear comments such as, “Why is there so much snow?” I have to say this, “You know that big blue body of water to the North, right next to Canada? Blame that thing.”
However, the conditions around campus are somewhat troublesome for those of us who drive because of all the snow and ice. I think that many people are angry at maintenance for what some students see as their refusal to clear the parking lots and salt them.

I’ve got a news flash for those folks: they can’t clear them unless you move your car, and they’ve been doing that across campus by shutting down parking lots and then clearing them. So, I tell those who are complaining about the parking lots: Just have patience with the crews. They’re doing what they can.And all those who may say that the maintenance crews aren’t working hard enough to clear the roads, two words: “Shut up.” Those men work extraordinarily hard to do what they can around here; they have families and lives to support, and do their jobs day-in and day-out. They work much harder than some students on this campus do, so anyone wants to knock them for “not doing enough” need to re-think that statement.

I’d encourage the students to thank them instead. It’s just common decency. And if the snow is that much of a problem for you, I’d suggest either getting a really sturdy shovel and a good ice scraper, or transferring to a warmer climate.