Relay for Life was a successful event

This past Monday, April 26, Relay for Life took place on campus. It was a successful, 12-hour long event.With the help and collaboration of many clubs and organizations on campus, they could gather a decent amount of money that goes to a great cause.

I am extremely glad about the job the school does every year to help with an event that takes place in many countries around the world. Not every school has the opportunity to collaborate with Relay for Life. For some reason the weather every year is not the best, but it does not stop the event from happening.

It is impressive to see the amount of people that is interested in helping with such a wonderful cause. Everyone relays for his or her own reason; it can be a survivor or someone that lost the battle against cancer, but what matters the most is their motivation to continue to support a good cause.

There is a point in the event where people get emotional when they remember their relatives who are still fighting or already lost the battle. That time is usually during the luminaria event. It is such an emotional moment to set a luminaria for that special someone of yours that has been a victim of cancer.

During the event they have music and food for the people who relay. This year’s theme was around the world. The different clubs and organizations represented different countries and had activities and food related to the country they were representing.This was a nice spin to the event to not only have activities to entertain the ones relaying, but also to give it a different and unique approach.

I have three relatives who have had cancer, two of which passed away and one who is on the on the finish line of her fight against cancer. They are my main reason why I relay every year, but I also do it for those who are unable to afford the treatment and need help in funding their treatment. I hope the school keeps supporting this event and that the people in the upcoming years will have the same motivation and dedication as the people that take their time and dedication to plan this event during this past years.
I also encourage people who have never participated in this activity to do so next year, if they have the opportunity.

Relay for Life does a great job helping people fight their battle against cancer, and giving a small contribution no matter how big or small it is, it will certainly make someone happy.