Improvements planned for Christ the King Chapel

The Christ the King Chapel will be undergoing a much needed facelift later this year.

Starting Jan. 1, 2015, and continuing through the end of May, the plans for this project involve a paint job, relighting, and a refurbishing of the pews to make the seating more spacious.

“We’re not doing any kind of renovations, we’re not taking anything out. This is more maintenance kind of things,” Father Jim Piszker, the university chaplain, said.
Not much has changed in the chapel since it was constructed in 1932, so the Campus Ministry Staff is thrilled for the restoration.

Msgr. David Rubino, the head of the project, said, “I think when we look at the chapel and the role it plays in our institutional life, it is important that it should be fresh and bright so people can even just stop in there for two seconds.”

According to Msgr. Rubino, $330,000 has already been collected for the restoration and they are still looking to raise $70,000 more.
“The Chapel Committee met early on to help review bids and things like that,” Rubino said.

Rubino wants to comfort any unsettled minds that believe the chapel will be drastically different.

“The sisters reminded me that the chapel has a certain look and a certain feel- you have to be really careful to make sure it is not too over the top. You don’t want to cross the line to make it something that it is not,” Rubino said.

Greg Baker, the head of campus ministry, is looking forward to students having a renewed interest in learning about and using the chapel.

“If it gets people to better appreciate what a fantastic space that is, it really is one of the best things we have on this campus, that would be great,” Baker said.

During construction, the Mass schedule will stay the same. Sunday mass will take place at the Taylor Little Theatre and daily Mass will be held in the Prince of Peace Chapel.