'Buckle Up' campaign raises safety awareness

With the recent vehicle related accidents that have been happening on campus and its surroundings.
The Public Health major’s “Buckle Up” campaign could not have come in a better time.
Students and faculty are encouraged to take part in this campaign.
This campaign invites students on campus and faculty to be safe when they are driving. Signs have been posted all around campus and on the sidewalks to increase awareness of the importance of saving your life by buckling up when driving.
It is comforting to know that a group on campus cares about the safety of students and it’s focusing its efforts in trying to make students be aware that accidents can happen and that they have to be safe when they are on the road.
Car accidents happen very often all around the world, but are too common among campuses across the country.
Mercyhurst has been no exception to it. It is not only the lives of the drivers that is into play, but also the people going with them in the car, pedestrians on the sidewalks and other drivers.
Everyone’s life is at stake when someone is not taking the safety measures they should when they are in front of the wheel.
The social media sites of the campaign have had a good response from the people.
I do not think that anyone on campus is not aware of this campaign, as they have clearly exposed the message effectively around campus. They have posters and outdoor signs of their campaign.
It is right about time that people become aware of the consequences they might have if they do not buckle up.
Students are not the only ones in danger, but also faculty. It is good that faculty have responded positively to this campaign by taking part in the “seatbelt selfies.”
With this initiative, students and faculty are invited to take selfies with their seatbelt on. Hopefully, people will start supporting this campaign and buckling up.
Think before you get behind the wheel and save your and other people’s life. Take part in this campaign that is not asking much for you to do, but to buckle up and be safe when on the road.