Enough Club Revives on Campus

Awareness brings initiative, and with initiative brings change.

The Enough Club at Mercyhurst is giving students an opportunity to come together and raise awareness of global issues and violations against human rights which plague the world today in order to help to make Mercyhurst a conflict-free campus.

The Enough Club is a recent addition to Mercyhurst University and is also known as the Conflict-Free Campus Initiative.

Kayley Dunn, a senior Secondary English Education major, has recently taken over the position of club president. Kenzie Stepanik, a junior Biology major, is the Financial Officer and Amanda Moore, a junior Communications major, is the Public Relations Director for the club.

“The ultimate goal of the club is to raise awareness of global issues here at Mercyhurst,” Dunn said.

The club will bring to light issues happening around the world, such as corrupt governments in Africa, their control over minerals and diamonds for economic purposes and the violence which surround this effort.

The goal of the club gives its members positive feelings for its future.

“We feel that the club has so much potential to grow and attract more students,” Dunn said.

By educating students on pressing global issues, the club hopes to help resolve the crises happening around the world today.

“It is clear that the students here want to be involved whenever they are given the opportunity and we are certain that this will be the case with Enough,” Dunn said.

Due to the fall semester coming to an end, club meetings will begin in January once student schedules begin to settle down.

“When we do start having meetings, anyone is welcome to come and check it out,” Dunn said.