Equestrian club seeks new members

Mercyhurst’s Equestrian team has been on the mission of attracting more members.

Currently the team is made up of sophomore Intelligence and Business Marketing major Rachel Betzner and sophomore Exercise Science and Pre-Physical Therapy major Molly Card. They have been on the search of bringing new members after two people quit the team.

“Nobody knows about us and we’ve been trying to get our name out there,” said Betzner. She recently created a website and Facebook page to promote the club.

This year, the team has been part of five competitions in different college campuses in the area, including Slippery Rock University, Seton Hill, Bethany College, West Virginia University and Grier.

The club has accumulated two first place and three second place awards, including a special high point award. Given the success they have had at competitions, Betzner and Card have been working to try to expand the team.

“People just don’t know that we exist,” said Betzner. “If you have a big team and you have people place in different divisions, at every show there is a high point team and we could get a high point team if we have people on each division do well. We can never achieve that, because it’s only the two of us.”

Betzner and Card believe that there are other people in Mercyhurst that might be interested in joining the club or even team.

“We are completely accepting of everybody, you don’t have to have experienced. It’s okay for anyone to do it,” Card said.

Betzner has been riding for six years and Card has eight years of experience. They practice at Brenric Stable which is on a 100-acre farm, four miles up north of Edinboro. The facility has both an indoor and outdoor riding arena, where riding lessons are also offered. Lessons and lease options are available for Mercyhurst students on the team.