Student offers a survival kit for spring semester

Spring semester is here. For most of us, that means no more sleeping until noon, and no more home-cooked meals. Now that you are back at school, here are a few tips and tricks to get through this semester in one piece.

The “Freshmen Fifteen” does not just happen to freshmen. We all want to stay fit. The best way to do this is keeping healthy snacks around and drinking plenty of water. High protein foods like nuts and granola bars help to curb hunger and have a long shelf life. Research shows that students who carry a water bottle are more likely to drink water, so a reusable water bottle is a definite must for surviving spring semester.

Everybody gets sick. The flu can spread from one person, to half of campus in a matter of days. Aside from avoiding contact with sick people, there are a few things to keep on hand that will help you stay healthy. First, cleaning supplies wipe down the hard surfaces in your room with disinfectant and wash your sheets about once a week. Also, wash your hands often with soap. Anti-bacterial soap may seem like the best way to go. But, according to the CDC, it will kill the good bacteria, too, which can actually make you sick. Eating a balanced diet and sleeping well is by far the best way to stay healthy. If you do come down with a bad cold, stock up on Vitamin C and grab a warm blanket.

Above all, we are here to learn. The semester just started so now is the time to get ahead. Invest in a few flash drives and back up your work often. There is nothing more frustrating than losing all of your work that you spent hours on. A working computer has become a necessity. Get your hands on reputable virus protection and update frequently. Download a relaxing playlist and find your “happy place” on campus. Everyone needs a place where they can get work done in peace. If you do not already have them, it might be a good time to create a Quizlet account, and become familiar with Wolfram Alpha. They will come in handy when finals roll around. Most importantly, find an organizational system that works for you.

Just because you have been settled for a whole semester does not mean you can forget about the dorm essentials. Keep a variety of extra batteries and Command strips handy, and do not let yourself run out of laundry soap, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. Do not put your winter coats and boots away yet. It’s Erie…it can snow in April.

We are all college students living on a college-student’s budget and most of these things cost money. If nothing else, have a way to manage your money. That way you can keep all of these essentials on hand, and have some fun too.