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    thevgirlNov 5, 2009 at 10:50 am

    How can you actually believe that those comments portray how spoiled Mercyhurst students are?
    First of all, I do not think that the way the comments are written is relevant, because students and/or whoever goes to Egan cafeteria to eat and at the end they decide to write a comment, on the spur of the moment. Besides, what actually matters is what the comment says, which is actually for the benefit of the cafeteria and the students as well, they do not have the application that Microsoft Word has, or whatever other program has, for spell check, or they have someone to proof read their comment like YOU DO before your article is published in the Merciad. Therefore, it is obvious most of those comments will have spelling and/or grammar mistakes.
    Second of all, we are all customers of this company. Fortunately, for them, they have the comparative advantage over their service, since they are the only supplier of food ON-campus. Parkhurst is a business, and it needs feedback from its customers in order to operate and provide their service and produce their goods at the quality that is satisfactory for the people who consume their goods/services- in this case students. Therefore, those yellow rectangular pieces of paper you see posted on the cafeteria’s bulletin board are actually comments used as FEEDBACK for the staff of Parkhurst to do better in their performance of both providing a service and producing goods (food). I do not believe you seriously want low quality food, or are you going to say yes? I doubt it. However, it is true some of those comments are somehow irrelevant, as your opinion in this article is, but believe it or not Parkhurst do take into consideration the comments that students write on those rectangular sheets of paper, because is their job to SUPPLY the goods/services their customers DEMAND, at the quality they think it should be. It sounds like a business or an economics class what I’m saying, but that is how the real world works.
    So the next time you want to write an of opinion like that on whatever the matter is, please try to think more in depth the whys of the situation and the whole purpose of it!!

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Furious and fed up with spoiled students