Residents at Warde Hall undergo technical issues

Maintenance has had their hands full with this year’s winter weather. There is snow and water damage all over campus that now has to be repaired. However, the work orders for non-snow-related issues should not be overlooked.
Ever since our return from Winter break, Laker Vapor has been struggling to do its job to satisfy student Internet needs. The signal strength all in over Warde Hall seems to be getting worse. Many residents, including myself from the fourth floor, have better access in the bathroom than on the bedroom.
Broken washing machines have always been an issue in the three freshman dorms. Usually only one washer fails, and it does not take long to repair. Lately, a majority of the washers are broken, inconveniencing hundreds of students.
In Warde Hall, each floor is lucky to have one working washer. Students are forced to travel to other floors and search for a working washer, or wash their clothes in the middle of the night. The dryers are even beginning to break, which has yet to happen this year.
Pretty soon all 12 washers in the building will no longer work. Laundry is a necessity anyway, but this weather makes it even more so.
I personally have had to take laundry off campus because there simply are not enough washers to go around. The fact that we cannot do laundry in our own residence halls is a little upsetting, to say the least.
The gym on the second floor of Warde Hall has also been neglected. One of the treadmills has been broken since the beginning of J-term and has yet to be attended to. Treadmills may not be as important as washers and dryers, but they make it a lot easier to avoid the “Freshmen 15.” Students would much prefer walking down a flight or two of stairs than walking to the rec center in subzero temperatures just so they can work out.
It is no secret that campus has had its share of water issues this winter. However, these problems have been around since September for Warde residents. The water temperature and pressure has been very temperamental, and in some cases, nonexistent. On several occasions, entire wings have been without hot water for hours or even days at a time.
Residents try to tough it out, but everyone has a breaking point. After two days of taking ice cold showers, I was forced to call upon a friend for a hot shower. No one enjoys a cold shower in the middle of winter.
Residents have put in work orders, and even some of the RAs have done the same. A small delay is understandable, but the extent of the current issues is getting out of hand.