Spring Break or student breaker?

We have all counted down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until spring break.
While this is one of the most exciting times of the year for most college students, spring break fun can be deadly.
ABC News states the biggest danger during spring break is binge drinking. Orbitz says Las Vegas retained its rank as the most popular spring break destination for 2015.
Vegas is full of gambling and alcohol. According to a study conducted by the American College of Health, the average male reported drinking 18 drinks per day, and the average female reported drinking up to 10 during spring break. That amount is well above the safe level of alcohol consumption.
Most students are 21 for less than half of their college career. It is not a secret that many college freshmen and sophomores, as well as under-aged upperclassmen, choose to consume alcohol. Some students travel to other countries in order to be able to drink legally.
The legal drinking age in other parts of the world can be as low as 14 and often unenforced.
Binge drinking is not the only danger students can experience over spring break. Upwards of 50 percent of college-aged sexual encounters during spring break do not involve protection.
In addition, many of those involved are under the influence of alcohol at the time of the event.
Studies show that as many as 1,400 students, age 18 to 24, die each year during spring break.
On top of that, roughly 2,500 will be arrested for under-age drinking and sexual assault. No one believes it will happen to them, but there is a very real possibility that it could happen.
The concept of spring break can be beneficial to college students, if the time is spent wisely.
Working students can make big bucks during break, or students can grab some volunteer hours to add to their résumé.
Even if break is spent sleeping or relaxing, it can do wonders for mental health and stress levels. Spring break can be the perfect time to reconnect with old friends, catch up on homework or spend time with family members.
For the majority of institutions, spring break coincides with the middle of the semester. This usually means that college students come back from break and have midterms. Break can be a great time to review and study for exams.
Obviously, every college student wants to be a little wild and carefree, and spring break gives them a chance to do so.
As long as you are aware of the dangers around you, and don’t participate in illegal activities, there is nothing wrong with having fun during spring break.