An Erieite Appetite: Pulakos

Pulakos is located at 2530 Parade Street.Pulakos is located at 2530 Parade Street.

If you did not get your chocolate fix at Halloween, Pulakos 926 Chocolates has an assortment of chocolates, chocolate-covered strawberries, sponge taffy and more to satisfy your sweetest craving.

Since 1903, Pulakos has been serving Erieites with a special recipe of chocolate passed down for four generations since founder George P. Pulakos opened a store on 926 State Street.

With three locations in Erie and delivery available nationwide, Pulakos gives its customers the option to ship Holiday gifts to families and friends.

Walking into Pulakos’ store at 2530 Parade Street–just 12 blocks from Mercyhurst–was like walking into chocolate heaven with the smell of freshly baked chocolate permeating in the air.

A lone female worker greeted and asked us if we needed help finding anything within the store. We told her we were going to be simply walking around first but we would need help later.

Glancing at the enormous variety of chocolate choices, I felt overwhelmed and at a loss as to what to purchase. Chocolate-covered potato chips, peanuts, sponge candy, peppermint patties, mints, and more were arranged in plastic gift bags on one wall and individual chocolates modeled in large glass cases were displayed on the opposing wall.

Towards the back of the store, Pulakos positioned the assortment of boxed chocolates, and a variety of chocolate molds for gifts. My friend pointed out a tool kit gift set molded entirely out of dark chocolate.

While she was observing the variety of chocolate molds, I was eyeing the assorted chocolate boxes of Cherry Cordials, Double Coated Nuts, Caramel Peanut Gems, Caramel Cashew Claws, Caramel Pecan Gems, French Chocolates, Double Coated Nuts, Her Choice Assortment, and the Samplette Assortment.

According to the store brochure, Pulakos is most famously known for its chocolate covered strawberries and Trademark 926 Assortment; a mix of rich creams, chewy caramels, nougatines, and other selected centers.

Prices of the boxes of chocolates vary depending on size. However, 14-ounce boxes of Cherry Cordials, Caramel Peanut Gems and French Chocolates are each priced at $18.80.

After making a few rounds of the store, it was time to taste test. Being a chocolate and nut lover, I bought a Caramel Cashew Claw, a Rum chocolate truffle, peanut butter brick, and a coconut cluster. For $2.35, I was very pleased as well as excited for my assortment of chocolates.

Additionally, my friend purchased a bag of chocolate covered potato chips and a bag of white chocolate mints.

Similar to little children in a candy shop, we bought our chocolate assortment and rushed to the car so we could feast. My most anticipated purchase was the peanut butter brick so I indulged in a piece first. Soft, sweet and able to melt in your mouth, Pulakos’ peanut butter brick was amazing! I was extremely satisfied that my expectations were met.

Every single chocolate morsel was delicious in its own way, however, I must advise to not eat them all in one sitting because you will likely leave your taste palette happy but your stomach upset.