Student rhymes about secret societ's holiday spirit

Christmastime may very well be my favorite time of year, for any number of reasons. It is doubtless that almost everyone gets in the mood to be merry, and the decorating helps us all become a little brighter during the season – part of the reason I go crazy with decorating every year. If you could see my apartment — and trust me, you can — you’d probably think I was a little crazy. Heck, you might have even seen the tree for a club of mine, the Mercyhurst Students for a Better America. It’s the belligerently patriotic tree in the union.

Actually, it’s the work that I had our members do on that tree and for our club that brings me to the interesting part of this article. There are plenty of trees in the student union, and most of us walk around without a care as to who made them, instead simply admiring the fact that so many students got their clubs in gear to spread some Christmas cheer. From abolitionists to archaeologists, there’s no doubt that Mercyhurst is excited for the holidays.

As a matter of fact, it would appear that there are even more students excited than we usually talk about here. One night last week I was plugging in our club tree when I noticed there had been addition. I only really noticed because the tree was so much different, a shorter, potted tree sitting on a table when I walked in. On my way out, I took another glance and was quite surprised at what I found. Well, now the tree has been moved, and sits by a window, but the PMB written on the pot is still quite visible. Aside for the letters, the red monkeys abound – as ornaments they do quite astound.

Another trifle some of the members of MSBA did find, is when they went to hang posters last night. If you look around, apparently you’ll find, a poem with much rhyming – much better than mine. A story of Christmases past, present, and future, with Saint Nick himself – perhaps an English major, or even an elf.

Now stopping this travesty, I do end this soon, thereby saving us all from my own impropriety. I’m not sure that made sense, you can ask a friend, I’m done with College Writing, and have become quite dense.

To wrap all this up, it does indeed appear, that when Christmas is near, Rho Mu Beta is full of good cheer.

Merry Christmas, everybody.