Video game review: Vampire Wars

Vampire Wars only gets 1/5 starsVampire Wars only gets 1/5 stars

Pros: Free, Good time waster
Cons: Boring and repetitive
1 out of 5 stars

Here is another Facebook application made by the same people who make Mafia Wars. To be honest, this game is even worse than Mafia Wars.

Where Mafia Wars at least had different settings and was slightly more interactive, this game has absolutely nothing going for it. This game does not even have different settings to play.

The game is also very repetitive. The only way it could be worse is if it only had one button that you had to press that said “act like a vampire.”

The goal of this game is to compete missions so you can earn experience points that will allow you to grow your vampire clan. Ultimately, you can work to become the most powerful vampire on Facebook.

This game’s only saving graces are that it is free and that it is essentially “brain candy.” By that, I mean it is something that is mindless and does not involve the player very much, yet somehow still gives you some enjoyment.

Basically, that is what this game does. It wastes a couple of minutes of your day between classes or work when you are bored and need a distraction while you are waiting. You sit, you click five or six times and then you are done and you can go about your daily business.

This game is just mind-numbing and tedious but a great time waster. It is far from interactive and, unfortunately, just not all that fun.

Overall, this game is just not worth the time. However, if you want to try it and decide you like wasting your time this way, here is a Web site that offers tips and tricks: Vampire Wars.

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