Erieite Appetite: Panos'

Panos offers great confort food at a reasonable price.Panos offers great confort food at a reasonable prize.

Quality of food: 5
Price: Inexpensive
Service: 5 out of 5

If you like traditional Mom and Pop diners, Panos restaurant will satisfy your craving for comfort foods.

On a Saturday morning, my roommate and I traveled to Panos. Located off 1504 W. 38th Street, Panos is short hop away from Mercyhurst College.

Shortly after we arrived, we were directed to a booth and given menus. The restaurant was fairly crowded with a family-friendly crowd.

Our server greeted us shortly after and took our drink orders. We both ordered waters though my roommate also ordered a cup of coffee.

As soon as I opened the menu, my eyes settled on a description of three chocolate chip pancakes and my mind was made up. Panos serves a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner foods. However, their breakfast menu includes omelets, French toast, waffles, bacon, toast, sausage, hash browns and more. Also craving pancakes, my roommate ordered three raisin and cinnamon pancakes.

While waiting for our meals, my roommate said Panos reminded her of a restaurant at home where she and her family shared Sunday morning brunch together.

“This place reminds me of home,” she said while looking at a family across the restaurant.

Before we could fully reminisce on home life, our pancakes arrived. I was astonished at how quick our food was delivered. Without even needing to ask for permission, my roommate and I tried each other’s pancakes.

The raisin and cinnamon pancakes were freshly made from homemade batter, but they could not compare to my stack of chocolate chip pancakes.

Gooey but not too sweet, my chocolate chip pancakes were so unique they did a magic trick because they quickly disappeared. They were so delicious and satisfying that I did not need to add maple syrup.
My roommate and I agreed we would both come back to Panos just for the chocolate chip pancakes.

By the time our checks arrived, we had only been at the restaurant for 30 minutes. For two meals and one cup of coffee, our bill was only $9.10.

Needless to say, Panos is the perfect breakfast place for a busy student’s lifestyle because it offers great food, fast service and inexpensive prices.

Liz Maier photoLiz Maier photo