Letter to the Editor: Importance in health care awareness

The discussion on health care reform is everywhere in the media. On any news program or Website you can find a story or an opinion piece giving us the newest information on health care as it comes out of Congress.

Some say we should have reform, a more affordable and inclusive system, and others say that this will create higher prices and a shortage of health care service. There have been comparisons of the proposed health care reform to Soviet Russia and socialism. On the other hand the U.S. health care system is ranked among the lowest of industrialized nations.

Maybe I am wrong, but it seems to me the only place I don’t hear any discussion about health care is on campus. Are there any clubs or organizations focusing on it? Have there been any speakers or film presentations? I’m not saying that because I’m not aware of them they don’t exist, but I would like to know if they do. If so where and when are they? If not, then I think it is important that we bring more awareness to campus.