Your weekly report from Dungarvan, Ireland: Easter à Paris

Students got to spend their Easter break in Paris, France.Students got to spend their Easter break in Paris, France.

For this article, I thought I would take some time to describe our living conditions in Dungarvan along with our daily life, in case anyone is considering this study abroad for next year.

We are staying at town houses at the Park Hotel. They have washers, dryers, dish washers, two bathrooms, a living room and a small fenced-in back yard. Most townhouses hold four people, two single rooms and one double room.

We are given food vouchers to use at the Park Hotel bar and restaurant. Each voucher is good for 12 Euros. A single voucher will get you a burger, fish, chicken curry or a Panini – and a dessert. We also stock up on our own food from local supermarkets and try to save money by buying household items from the Two Euro store, which is similar to a dollar store. On Thursdays after class, we typically walk through the town square and enjoy a fresh food market, where bread, fish and desserts are sold.

This week Mayor Damien and his wife Natanya took a group of us to the Blarney Stone Castle. Legend has it if you kiss the Blarney Stone, you will be blessed with eloquence. To kiss the stone, you must go to the top of the castle, lay on your back, slide over the ledge of the castle (while some older gentleman holds you), lean back and then kiss it.

The castle grounds are absolutely gorgeous, the grass is green, there is a winding river through the property. The castle is situated on top of a huge rock slab, with many caves built into it. On the castle grounds are also waterfalls, gardens and the Blarney House.

On Easter Sunday we flew into Paris, and the first thing we did after we put our luggage in our hotel rooms was to head to the Eiffel Tower. Dr. Hosey, Dr. McGurk and Professor Miller taught us how to use the metro on our way to the Tower. Once we got there, we had to wait a while to go up, but it was worth it. Watching the sunset over Paris from the Eiffel Tower was unreal. Once we got down, many of us stopped to eat delicious crepes. Then we headed to the cathedral of Notre Dame, which is breathtaking in itself.

Mayher kissing the Blarney Stone for eloquence.Mayher kissing the Blarney Stone for eloquence.

The Blarney House, on the grounds of the Blarney Stone Castle.The Blarney House, on the grounds of the Blarney Stone Castle.