An Erieite Appetite: Whippy Dip

Whippy Dip is a local ice-cream shop.Whippy Dip is a local ice cream shop.

Price: Inexpensive

Quality: 5 out of 5

In honor of my final Erieite Appetite article, I decided to top off a fantastic year of tasting the best and worst of Erie establishments by going to Whippy Dip, a local ice cream shop.

On a warm Saturday evening, I called my three friends to see if they wanted to give Whippy Dip ice cream a swirl. Before we all hopped into my 1992 Buick LeSabre and drove off into the sunset, I printed out directions from

According to MapQuest, I was directed to travel northeast on East 38th street, make a U-turn, and then take a variety of right and left-hand turns. Fortunately, my apprehension about these bizarre directions subsided when my friend said she had GPS on her iPhone.

I gave her the address of Whippy Dip found on MapQuest’s Web site and she programmed it into her iPhone. We began our adventure by traveling south on Peach Street to Edinboro Road, passing the Mill Creek Mall and then Interstate 79.

Not only did I have no clue where I was going, but my vision was obscured by the bright Erie sunset. After nearly going through a red light and making my friends carsick by weaving in and out of driving lanes, we came near our destination address.

“Turn right up here,” said my friend with her iPhone in hand.

As I turned, my friends grew silent. Images of white picket fences, green landscaped lawns and two-story homes stood picturesquely before our eyes.

We were in a residential neighborhood.

Laughter unleashed from my back seat.

“I don’t think this is Whippy Dip,” said my friend.

After turning around in the neighborhood cul-de-sac, we ventured into the unknown world of suburbia, passing barbeque cook-outs and children playing happily in their front yards.

Failing horribly at our mission, we decided to phone a friend who was knowledgeable of the location of this Holy Grail, the Whippy Dip.

“We need to go back near State Street because it’s next to the Erie Cemetery,” said my friend, after receiving reliable directions.

We continued to travel north on suburbia street until we found U.S. Route 20. Fortunately, the further we ventured the more familiar our surroundings became.

“I think I see it up ahead,” said my faithful co-pilot. At last, in the distance, a bright shimmering light beamed from a small building. Finally, we discovered The Whippy Dip.

As we pulled into the small parking lot, I noticed a line of people standing outside. Some with ice cream cones in hand, others waiting patiently to order.

Whippy Dip’s menu seemed to accommodate every ice cream lover’s taste buds. From sundaes to soft serve twist cones to banana splits, Whippy Dip had a variety of sweet treats for reasonable prices.

After observing their menu at length, I ordered a small strawberry and vanilla twist cone with rainbow sprinkles. My friends followed my lead by ordering twist cones, as well.

Creamy and light with just enough strawberry sweetness, the cone was exactly what I needed after our interesting adventure. For $1.70, the Whippy Dip’s small cone is a delicious deal I recommend.

Contrary to MapQuest’s directions, it takes 10 minutes to arrive at the Whippy Dip’s location at 2527 Chestnut Street.