Administration deserves thanks

Before returning to Mercyhurst this year, I was pretty nervous about my living arrangements. I was supposed to live in the Highland Square Apartments, but I had heard horror stories about the residence and had seen pictures to back them up.

The presence of mold is what concerned me the most, because I am allergic to it; however, the unsecured windows and insects were no good, either.

During my freshman year in McAuley, I was forced to buy an air purifier because I kept getting sick. Every time it rained, water would come through the holes in the wall. Fortunately, my illness improved after maintenance fixed them.

I knew that building repairs were planned for this academic year, but I was unsure if they would be sufficient or if they would even happen. However, on move-in day, I walked into my apartment and was pleasantly surprised.

Besides sweating and praying for air conditioning, I was impressed. There was new linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom, the shower looked new and the windows worked properly. The carpet even looked presentable, even though I’m pretty sure that my place is the only one where it wasn’t replaced.

Granted, there were a couple minor issues. The stove didn’t work at first, but it was quickly fixed. Additionally, there were insects inside, but they disappeared after the exterminator came.

I would like to thank the college administration for supplying the funds to repair the apartments. It was worth it. I would also like to thank the students that lived in Highland Square last year who fought tirelessly to give future residents better living conditions.

I urge all students to bring to the attention of the administration something that should be changed, or even something that can be done better. People do listen – it just takes time.

As Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”