Video game review: City of Wonder

Stars: 3 out of 5

Pros: Brings a strategy element to Facebook games, good graphics, moderately easy to play, free.

Cons: A little slow and glitchy. Limited in how far you can play.
Do you want to play a modernized game that is similar to Farmville? Then City of Wonder is the game you have been looking for.

City of Wonder is a free game that you can find on Facebook made by Playdom.

City of Wonder is fairly straightforward. You start with a portion of land and build a city on it, while at the same time expanding your culture, economy, and military while gaining money, experience or citizens.

When you build more cultural, economic or military buildings, your standing in that area improves and allows you to do better in player versus player (PVP) situations.

Whenever you improve your research you gain more buildings so your city can advance into the modern era.

City of Wonder brings a whole new way of strategy gaming to Facebook. It takes all the things that are good about Farmville and puts them into a more interesting context as opposed to just farming.

Its graphics are fairly good for a Facebook game. The art is clean and crisp and does not have the downsides you have to deal with a lot of other free games.

This game is very easy to just play; however, it is not over-simplified like a lot of other games you see on Facebook.

Finally, despite the fact that is not made by the same people who made Farmville and it is not the same setting as Farmville, it may still feel like you’re playing a Farmville type game.

Overall this game is alright, considering it is a new twist to an old trick. The graphics are good and the game play is good but what truly brings this game down is the fact that it is basically that same thing that we have seen before. Despite this game’s great potential I am only giving it a three out of five stars.