Holiday spirit to remain through time

Like most college students, I planned on working over Christmas vacation. I had spent a lot on gifts for my family, and I desperately needed to replenish my bank account. So, I texted my manager at Subway, told her my availability, and asked to be put on the schedule as much as possible.

When she finally got back to me about when I would be working, I was shocked – she only wrote me down for Christmas Eve from ten to five. Angry about my lack of days and knowing my mother wouldn’t even let me go to work the day before Christmas, I texted her back and told her I didn’t want to be on the schedule at all.

I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be making any money, but I couldn’t wait to relax. It was the first time I wouldn’t be working while on break.

During my time home, I received several texts from my managers asking if I could work, and I made an excuse each time as to why I couldn’t. Sure, it sounds mean, but I had no interest in making sandwiches for customers or prepping food for several hours.

A couple days after Christmas, however, my friend asked if I could cover his shift. I contemplated his question for several minutes before responding with a ‘yes.’ I guess the spirit of the holiday had put me in a good mood.

You’re probably asking yourself why any of this matters. I mean, who cares that I spent a lot of money on gifts and whether or not I worked over break? Well, let me tell you why this is important.

Have you ever noticed what Christmas does to society? It’s the time of year when everyone forgets their troubles and just enjoys the holiday. People are able to spend time with friends and family, eat good food, and relax. It’s great.

What about after it’s all said and done, though? The presents have all been unwrapped, the new year has begun, and it’s back to reality. Well, I think it’s about time we change that.

I don’t think the spirit of the holiday has to disappear as soon as January arrives. So, let’s make a New Year’s Resolution to keep this cheerful attitude alive within us all year long. Granted, there will be days when we just hate the world. But if we remember the joy we felt at Christmas, we should be able to get past that negative emotion.

So, what do you say? Are you with me?