Video game review: Today I Die

This is where your story begins in the game Today I Die by Daniel Benmergui. At first look, one would probably think this game is just going to be all teen angst and depression.

In all honesty, that is where this story begins.

Today I Die is an interactive poem where, by clicking on your surroundings, you progress through the story and change the poem.

When the game starts, you will probably roll your eyes at how whiny this premise sounds but, trust me, it gets better.

Ultimately, at the end, there is a very good message about struggle and strength to overcome the obstacles that you face.

This game is very artsy and barely qualifies as a game. Where I would usually count this against the game, this time I feel that it is actually appropriate.

If this game were anything less than what it is, one would begin to think that it was shallow and boring. The designer has done very well maintaining a balance between the poetic stuff and the game.

Unfortunately, this game is extremely short. Though it is suitable in that it doesn’t drag itself out for as long as it can, you find yourself wondering if you missed something.

Poems are not everyone’s cup of tea and I am sure many will look at this game and not find it interesting because it does not strive to create the excitement that most games do.

I also can see others being turned off by this game because, when people sit down to play a game, they want to escape the everyday life, and this game does not do that so much. If you don’t like poems and instead want excitement and explosions with your games, I would not suggest this game to you.

Today I Die does seem very uninviting on the outside, but once you play and understand what you are doing, it is a very sweet game and ultimately has a lovely message behind it.