Budget battle threatens

Congress can’t agree on anything. The lack of a budget for the rest of the fiscal year is disturbing. Congress has approved more than three continuing resolutions to keep the government operating.

The budget for this year was supposed to be approved last year. Perhaps the most disturbing trend is that the Tea Party won’t accept a compromise. The Tea Party is making the political climate in this country toxic.

The Tea Party folks are the biggest threat to the budget process in recent years. Senators like Rand Paul and representatives like Michele Bachmann are killing the country. These people won’t rest until they shove their radical right wing agenda down our throats.

During a rally last week on the Capitol Mall, they held signs with phrases such as “Shut down the government.”

As of Friday, the Democrats and Republicans had agreed on a final number for cuts. A compromise has been reached. Funding for Planned Parenthood will not be cut either, though that ax swing may be left for another day.

Let me tell you, though, many Tea Partiers in Congress have threatened not to vote for any compromise.

I call on the House Democrats and Republicans to censure any Tea Party member of Congress who votes against the compromise reached last week when it comes up for a vote. A government shutdown must be avoided.

This concerns you, too, students of Mercyhurst College. If there is a shutdown, financial aid will get backlogged. Instead of paying our loans and grants, the government will give IOUs. But I doubt the Office of Financial Aid would accept IOUs.

So, since this does concern you and me, it’s time to make a stand. Call your representative or senators and tell them to vote yes on the compromise. Tell them to say no to government shutdown and yes for censuring the Tea Party members of Congress.