The vicious cycle of procrastination never ends

Scanning my room, I notice an assortment of things – a bag from Giant Eagle, filled with food from my roommate’s mom; Señor Frogs, the Betta fish that doesn’t enjoy swimming; and Domo, the hideous stuffed animal given to me by my best friend before I left for college.

But there is one item that stands out the most: a drying rack.

As soon as I set eyes on it, I start to laugh. Every square inch of the wooden frame is covered in clothes, leaving no room for anything else. (This is why my bras are currently air-drying on the floor). Also, upon closer inspection, I see that the structure is lopsided. (I’m assuming that my roommate and I did a poor job at following the directions when building it.)

Memories of this past Friday immediately rush back to me:
Once class was over, I went back to my dorm room, faced with the daunting task of doing laundry. I tried to procrastinate by signing on to Facebook and watching TV, but I eventually gave in to the hamper that was staring me down.

I began separating my dirty clothes, trying to remember all of the rules that my mom had told me and mentally go over it, “Socks, underwear, ‘crappy clothes’ – check. Reds and pinks – check. Dark delicates, light delicates – check, check…”

Once I finished running through my imaginary checklist, I tossed one of the various piles into my hamper and put a bottle of detergent on top. Grabbing my key, I left my room and headed down the hallway toward the laundry room.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I spent three hours washing and drying all of my clothes.

After waiting over a week to do laundry for the second time in a row, I have come to a realization: Procrastination is not the way to go. I mean, no one wants to spend their evening in the way I just described.

Did I learn my lesson? Yes. Do I need to stop postponing things? Yes. Am I going to do this again? Probably.