Mercyhurst Fencing Club to host Barbarian Bash

Have you ever had the urge to club one of your roommates?

With finals coming up, stress levels are high and everyone is eagerly anticipating summer vacation.

The Mercyhurst Fencing Club will offer students a chance to give into their more primal urges by taking part in the Barbarian Bash.

“The club likes to beat up on each other. Naomi Wasserman and Elisha Helgen were always fighting outside my door. I think that’s how the two of them came up with the idea,” club President Carolyn Carlins said.

Besides the Barbarian Bash, the Fencing Club will hold a bake sale of baked goods and lemonade. There will even be a gumball machine.

The event will be different from many other club events. Instead of selecting what treats they would like to purchase, students will choose from a variety of bashing equipment including Nerf swords or dart guns. They will receive five minutes in the ring for 50 cents.

Safety is an obvious concern, and the Fencing Club will have two people working each time slot in order to keep anyone from getting too rough.

“We’re going to have Nerf weaponry and let the students bash each other,” Carlins said. The club decided Nerf equipment would be the safest for use in the Barbarian bash because of its durability while still keeping a foam texture.

The Fencing Club hopes it will give students a chance to relieve some stress and have a lot of fun. “The goal is to blow off steam before finals, relieve stress and raise awareness about the club,” Carlins said.

The Barbarian Bash will take place Wednesday through Friday in front of the Hermann Student Union from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. It will move into the Student Union Great Room if the weather is uncooperative.