In loving memory of Dr. Heidi Hosey-Mcgurk

Bella Lee and Victoria McGinty

Together,  Mercyhurst  is mourning  the  loss  of   a  beloved member of  our community.  On  April  12,  Dr. Heidi Hosey-McGurk, dean of   the  Walker  College  of  Business and longtime professor  of   English,  passed away.   The   news   was   announced by President Getz on April 13. “She has been a cherished friend to many of  us  at  the  university,”  Getz said in her message. Hosey-McGurk   was   an integral part of  Mercyhurst for nearly 30 years. She was a  scholar  of   feminist  theory  and  a  recipient  of   the Teaching Excellence Award.

Besides  being  the  dean  of  Walker  College,  she  served in  a  variety  of   educational roles, including chair of  the English  Department,  dean of   the  Hafenmaier  College of    Arts   and   Humanities,  vice  president  for  strategic planning and vice president for  instruction  and  assessment.  However,  most  students  know  her  for  being the overseer of  the Beyond the Gates requirement. One of  Hosey-McGurk’s greatest    accomplishments  while being with Mercyhurst was helping to establish the Office  of International Programs  and  Experiential Learning, where she served as   dean  and   created   the  study  abroad  program  that connects   our   community  with our sister city of  Dungarvan, Ireland.

In   the   three   decades Hosey-McGurk was part of  the Mercyhurst community, she  touched  the  lives  and minds   of    many students  through her teaching as well as  her  various  other  roles. Like  most  at  small  universities,  she  wore  many  hats over the years, and through her  varying  positions  she interacted  with  many  students,   staff,   and   faculty  members  across  all  walks of  campus. “Heidi  has  been  part  of  three   administrations,   yet  always  valued  her  role  as  a faculty member,” said longtime  colleague  and  friend Alice     Edwards,     Ph.D.,    chair   of    the   Department  of   World  Languages.  “Her immense  capacity  for  work was matched by her creative problem  solving  and  innovative ideas.” Plus, Edwards said,   “Heidi   was   always  the  funniest  person  in  the room.”

As   a   person,   she   was  known  to  be  quite  humorous and would always know how    to    make    everyone   around  her  smile.  In  addition,   Hosey-McGurk   was  incredibly kind and a joyous presence  to  all  who  knew her. It’s hard to imagine what life  at  Mercyhurst  will  be like without Dr. Hosey-McGurk.  No  matter  how  well you knew her, her presence was  and  will  always  be  felt.  Her  legacy  at  Mercyhurst is  one  that  will  always  be cherished  and  remembered in  the  many  years  to  come. At  this  time,  please  keep Hosey-McGurk’s family  and  loved  ones  in  your prayers and thoughts during this hard time.