New resolutions for a new year

January marks the beginning of a brand new year for all of us. For some, a new year means little more than getting used to writing something different on the top corner of homework papers. But for many, a new year means a chance to change for the better by setting a New Year’s resolution.

A New Year’s resolution is a goal you give yourself at the beginning of the year. It works differently for everyone. Some people like to keep their resolutions vague and others are very specific. But do they really work? Or do New Year’s resolutions become completely forgotten by February?

“I personally think (New Year’s resolutions are) a great way to push yourself and make your life better,” said sophomore Dan Tarr. “I made two: to try to do better in my classes and to try to get more involved in the school.”
Tarr is enthusiastic to start his resolutions this year, but he can’t recall whether or not he made any last year.
Junior Matt Teleha has not made any New Year’s resolutions this year.

“New Year’s resolutions are poppycock,” said Teleha. “People use New Year’s resolutions as an excuse for not achieving their goals in the first place.”

Teleha thinks that people shouldn’t just set goals at the beginning of the year. They should always be making goals for themselves.

“I set long term goals and then I achieve them. That way I don’t have to reset every year,” Teleha said.

Teleha also believes that a majority of people who set New Year’s resolutions fail to follow through with them.
Anthony Khisa, a sophomore who has worked in the campus gym since his freshman year has seen his share of people who don’t follow through.

“A lot more people come in to the gym in January, and the number keeps decreasing as you head into the year,” he said.

Khisa acknowledges that sometimes people’s resolutions fall apart for a reason.

“Some resolutions just don’t work. Things don’t go as expected,” he said. “At least they tried.”
Khisa thinks that even a failed resolution can be beneficial.

“Include what you failed to do last year in your new resolutions to make them easier to achieve,” he said.