Voicing concern over registration

On behalf of Mercyhurst College’s Student Athlete Activities Board (SAAB) and the women’s softball team, I would like to voice the importance of priority registration for student athletes.

It has been brought to light that the authorization for priority registration for the 2012-2013 academic school year is up for debate. Priority registration has provided assistance to student athletes in maintaining high academic standards without the stress of missing important classes, instructions and assignments. Scheduling our classes at times that suit our busy agendas not only allows us to avoid missing important class time, but it also allows a higher percentage of our teammates to attend practice in the limited time allotted to us as a result of Mercyhurst College’s limited athletic facilities.

Priority scheduling can eliminate numerous issues for students, coaches and teachers who are put in tough situations as a result of varying practice and game schedules. The life of any college student is demanding, but with hours of practices, weight lifting, conditioning, bus trips, games etc., the assistance of priority schedule is a necessity in order to ensure that we can learn and thrive academically.