Customers cannot resist the thought of Crumbl Cookies

Megan McKay, Staff writer

“It all started with one big dream, two crazy cousins, and the perfect combination of flour, sugar and chocolate chips.” These have been the words spoken from Jason McGowan (CEO) and Sawyer Hemsley (COO) the co- founders of Crumbl Cookies, the fastest growing bakery franchise of our generation.

It was started just a short time ago in 2017 in Utah and has grown nationwide into over 600 stores. Crumbl is known for their deliciously large and flavorful cookies, and it does not end there.

What has made Crumbl so popular is their social media presence when promoting their new cookies.

Each week the company has a rotation of different flavored cookies available for purchase. This makes the demand for their cookies that much more prominent as customers only have a week to get their favorite flavor before a new lineup is released. This has made Crumbl’s marketing style all the more unique as no other business has generated the same popularity.

Customers have truly become fans of the brand as they are invested each week in the new flavors released and even post TikTok videos reviewing the cookie lineups which is a huge promotional component.

The popularity online has flourished because of Crumbl’s marketing team, and their constant social media presence is what keeps customers interested every week.

Crumbl has become a destination versus a chain which causes most people to make exceptions for higher costs and calorie intake.

Personally, I too have been drawn in by the changes in cookie flavors weekly. This has caused me to constantly be checking back on either the app, social media or website to see if there is a new flavor that I like. I know there have been times where I have seen a new cookie flavor and would instantly have to go within that week if I wanted to get one before it was too late. This has caused me to outweigh the negatives, which are the high calories and price in order to get a flavor I enjoy because it is time sensitive.

However, customers who enjoy consistency can be rest assured that each week the original chocolate chip cookie remains and most of the time a classic pink sugar cookie.

Most of the cookies rotated are extravagant, which makes them so eye-catching. As someone with a major sweet tooth, I love the idea but hate the outcome. After your first bite, the outcome is you are obsessed and finish the entire cookie.

As a result, I often find time to get a workout in before indulging, but no one should ever feel they have to earn the delicious cookie. It is important to note that most cookies range from 600-1000 calories which is almost half the recommended amount nutritionists say for consumers per day which makes the cookies not the most nutritionally healthy.

The cookies’ nutrition facts are also only marketing a quarter of each cookie which can be deceiving to consumers trying multiple flavors. One can argue though that consumers get a lot for what they pay for and I would recommend sharing a box with friends to get the full experience. The average cookie is around $4 and 4.5 inches wide.

Crumbl also has catering options where mini cookies can be ordered for parties and teams.

I recommend if you have never been to Crumbl, go to the Crumbl app or website and find your nearest location. Crumbl also offers cookies to be shipped to you as there is not a store yet in Erie. I recommend being on the lookout for arguably some of Crumbls most popular cookies which include: Birthday cake oreo, cookie dough, mint chip ice cream, key lime pie, blueberry cheesecake, Reese’s, buckeye brownie, chocolate cookies and cream, Kentucky butter cake, my personal favorite Biscoff lava and their original chocolate chip.

It is ultimately up to consumers to decide if they feel the cookies are worth the hype. I believe they are delicious but the nutritional benefits have made me glad we do not have a store here in Erie.