How much truth does astrology really hold?

Bella Lee, Staff writer

Astrology is a pretty interesting concept. Personally, I am an Aquarius, but I am also a cusper and would have been a Capricorn had my birthday been just one day earlier. My dad is also a cusper, his birthday putting him in either Gemini or Cancer, depending on the chart you are reading. My mom is a Scorpio, my older brother is also a cusper being either Libra or Scorpio, both my younger brothers are Geminis, as is my stepmom, my stepdad is also an Aquarius, and my boyfriend is a Cancer.

However, that is pretty much as far as my knowledge or interest in astrology goes. I don’t use astrology to guide my everyday life, nor do I use it to determine all of my friendships or relationships. Despite this, especially with a roommate that is really into astrology and crystals, it has become quite interesting to learn.

Sometimes I like to read my horoscopes for fun, just to see how accurate they can be. However, they tend to be extremely wrong about the circumstances that I have actively gone through, but funny enough, the horoscopes that tend to be the most accurate for me are the ones the Merciad posts in their issues. I like to read these horoscopes to my boyfriend because his tend to be very accurate as well, so he and I will enjoy reading what the future allegedly has in store for us.

I have read a variety of horoscopes and seen plenty of memes, but the only thing that I’ve ever been able to deduce from all that is that Cancers have a tendency of being emotional. This makes sense, knowing what I know about my loved ones (including my boyfriend) that are Cancers. However, I also found a chart that labeled the different zodiacs from most to least emotional, and Cancer was the second most emotional (behind Pisces), while Aquarius is usually the least emotional. Thinking about it, I hate showing negative emotions until I’m really pushed to the edge and explode, so this makes a lot of sense for me.

The biggest thing that I will never be able to understand, however, is why people think they can justify their actions because of their zodiacs. Honestly, I would love for someone to run a red light and hit several people with their car, then explain to the police that it happened because Saturn is in retrograde and they’re a Virgo with Sagittarius moon and Aries rising or something obscure like that. News flash: it’s not going to work, buddy.

Overall, zodiacs are certainly fun to read about and see if they can accurately predict the future in horoscopes or be guessed correctly in Buzzfeed quizzes, but they should not be used to dictate every aspect of one’s life. Just enjoy it and don’t ruin friendships or relationships over them. It’s that easy.