MSG presidential candidate promotes his platform

This week, Mercyhurst University students have the ability to generate change, a change that can be extremely beneficial for them in the upcoming year. My name is Jeremy Dickey, and I am running for the position of president of Mercyhurst Student Government (MSG) for the 2012-2013 academic year.

As president of MSG, I promise to do a series of initiatives that will greatly shift the current atmosphere on campus. I want students to be the direct motivation of change on campus. For too long, MSG has been an organization shielded by clout, and under my presidency, a new and transparent MSG will emerge. This new MSG will be one that focuses solely on students’ needs and wants.

Mercyhurst University has entered a new era, and there is no reason that the tides of change should stop at MSG. When elected, I plan to restructure MSG internally in a way that will allow students to actually know who their representatives are. Senators will be required to hold special functions for their constituencies.

In addition, I plan on holding frequent and regular events around campus to see what issues are of greatest importance to students. My campaign slogan is “nothing’s too big,” and this will be carried over into next year as well.

If students want a college-sized pool facility on campus, I vow to talk until I am blue in the face to make sure the administration explores all options on the venture. If upperclassmen continue to voice dissatisfaction over the living conditions in areas like Highland Square, I will plead to have walk-through tours of the area and in-depth evaluation of what needs to be changed.

If green initiatives are at the forefront of student’s agendas, I will push for a greenhouse and living garden, light post wind turbines and more environmentally-friendly options on campus.

Wednesday and Thursday, I hope that you, the students, will make the responsible decision and vote Jeremy Dickey and Joe Reinhard for MSG president and vice president. We will work for you, we care for you, we are your voice.

Please visit our Facebook page (Jeremy & Joe for MSG President & Vice President) for more information. Thank you.