Changes to Facebook, Instagram not life altering

People get a sick pleasure in whining about everything Facebook does. People have practically sent themselves into therapy over Timeline. Now it’s Instagram. Nobody has died. A natural disaster did not befall our fine land.

If there’s any constant with Facebook, it’s change. Without these changes, you wouldn’t be in touch with your hot ex-boyfriend from high school, your BFF from when you were six or have your mother discover when your friends post F-bombs on your wall.

Perhaps Facebook bought Instagram to take over the Internet, then the world and finally the universe, in order to control everything and everyone. As a result, Mark Zuckerberg can finally take revenge for all the bad things they said about him, his pet and the way he dresses.

Probably not. I think people need to grow up and forget about the Facebook Apocalypse and think about it from a business standpoint.

NH Marketing Solutions sums it up perfectly: “I have read a couple of theories ranging from a strategy to keep the mobile platform out of Google’s hands to Instagram being Facebook’s biggest threat. Both of these ideas may have some bearing on the purchase, especially since Instagram was only valued at $500 million yet Facebook purchased the company for twice the amount: a heavenly $1 billion.

“The fact is, Facebook is the biggest social media platform online, while Instagram is the biggest social media platform on mobile devices. Facebook is used on your mobile phone, but that mobile platform isn’t its main function. Facebook was built upon a platform for computer browsing, while Instagram was built for mobile use. Join them together, and you have a ‘Tour de France’ of the two biggest social media sharing platforms for computer and mobile use. It was a no-brainer.”

I mean think about it. How many people whined and complained when Instagram spread its wings and expanded to an Android platform? How many people declared that they were going to delete their Instagram accounts? It was just as annoying on Facebook as it was Twitter. Looking back to the Tweets about the Facebook acquisition, it truly amazes me how immature adults can be.

If you hate a social-networking sites so much that you have to post, whine and complain for days, you have a problem. If you find the need to continue to post about it, a few weeks later, you have an even bigger problem. Lastly, if you went as far as to delete your Instagram account, I don’t have the credentials to diagnose your problem.

The bottom line is this, you still get to share your photos. So why bother to keep complaining? Why continue with the never-ending speculation of how this will “ruin” Instagram? A shout out to the people who post 25 pictures in a row of food and nature. I’m fairly certain you will still get to do that.

And to those people who are completely narcissistic and post more photos of their faces and other body parts, you’re safe too. To the ones that pose half naked in pictures just to get million likes on your photos, you will still get a million likes on their crappy photos and remain the subject of ridicule until you find a sense of maturity.

So Facebook bought Instagram – what has changed?