P90X class encourages students to get fit

Searching for a fun and unique way to get fit during fall term? Well, look no further than the P90X class, which is currently being taught at the Mercyhurst REC Center.

The class is instructed by junior Alysha Martini.

The idea was constructed to bring the class to campus when Athletic Director, Joe Kimball, told Martini that the athletic department was planning to teach muscular endurance classes. He then asked Martini if she would like to teach the P90X class that they were going to do. Thinking it was perfect for her, Martini agreed to take the job.

Now, what exactly does “P90X” mean? P90X is the name of a DVD fitness program that is all about weight lifting. However, the class itself isn’t necessarily about lifting weights. It mixes elements of the P90X program and another DVD program called Insanity, which involves cardio exercises. Class participants workout in circuits and do something different for each class period.

“I basically create my own routine for the class to do, as opposed to just showing the P90X and Insanity tapes,” Martini said.

She has the idea that the body should work out new and different muscles each time you decide to work out. This will make the body burn more fat as opposed to doing the same thing every time. Alysha tries to make the class a good combination between cardio exercises and muscular endurance.

Martini said, “It doesn’t make you bulky, but it does make you fit.”

So far, the class has had a little bit of a slow start, but she thinks that more people will definitely show up because she believes that the class is a very good program.

“I want word of the class to get out there, because not a lot of people even know about the classes at the REC Center,” Martini said.

The class is mostly about getting fit and stronger, so she expects that P90X will last throughout the school year because of this reason alone.

If you are interested in getting in shape and don’t want the same routine workouts, take the P90X class.

The class meets every Tuesday and Thursday at the REC Center. Tuesday classes are at 7 p.m. and Thursday classes are at 4:30 p.m. The class is free to take, and open to visitors. If you would like more information about the P90X class contact Alysha Martini at amarti81@lakers.mercyhurst.edu.